Price List

Botulinum Based Products
(Relaxes and smooths wrinkles)

One area         £160.00
Two areas   £180.00  
Three areas £220.00

(Top-up must be within one month of treatment)

Dermal Fillers
(with local anaesthetics)
1.0ml £175.00

0.5ml £125.00

Lip Fillers
(with local anaesthetics)
1.0ml  £190.00

A series of mini injections which consist of vitamins and hyaluronic acid which melt away fatty deposits under the surface. Mesotherapy helps to stimulate collagen and boost hydration

2 treatments £100.00

Skin Peels
Consultation Free
One treatment                               £35.00
Course of three treatments   £90.00
Course of five treatments        £155.00

Accurette (Age Spot Removal)

The accurette treats age spots successfully in one treatment using a high pressure micro fine jet of cryogen with millimetre accuracy liquid. CO2 freezes the water in the cell to expand, destroying the cell membrane £50.00